St. paul's story

The History of St. Paul’s United Church


Our roots date back to 1893 when a group of settlers took up land near what later became the town of Sutherland. Ministers travelled from Moose Jaw with summer services provided by theology students from eastern Canada.


1910 - July 7, the corner stone was laid for St. Paul’s Presbyterian Church at Egbert Avenue and 110 th Street.  September 16, the first worship service  was held with Rev. W. Wilson.

1912  - Rev. R. Fotheringham was called and served as minister until 1919.

  • - Rev. J. Manly began ministry with the congregation. 
  • - St. Paul’s became a congregation in the United Church of Canada.

1926 - Rev. Manly completed his service with St. Paul’s.


1927 - Rev. J. Cuddeford arrived and served the congregation until 1930.


1930 - Revs. J.Pratt and J. Donnell jointly served St. Paul’s and Wesley. Methodist Church until 1934.                                                                                                                                                                                                 


1934 - Rev. A. Elliott was called as minister and served to 1947

  • On January 17, 1943, fire destroyed the church. Services were moved to Sutherland School auditorium.

1946 - September 29 the new church building was dedicated.  


1947 - Rev. Dr. W. Wilkinson was called and served until 1955.


1955 - Rev. G. Speers was called to the congregation until 1959.


1959 - Rev. E. Morrison was called and served to 1966

  • - New sanctuary and hall were erected at Egbert Avenue and 105th Street  on land donated by Dr. B. A. Jackson.


1966 - Rev. W. Stevens was called and served until 1976.


1976 - Rev. W. Brown was called and he had been in MooseJaw.

  • The auditorium was added
  • In 1985, M. McKechney did a year internship with the congregation. 
  • In 1986, G. Wallace did an internship. 
  • In 1987, Rev. M. McKechney was called to join the minister staff.

1989  - Mary Dodds began training in the Western Field-Based Program.   Rev. Brown’s ministry ended.

1993 - Cindy Dean Morrison hired as a staff associate in youth ministry. The Living Links project began with Carol Stevenson-Seller and Maureen Cline as staff associates.


The History of St. Paul’s United Church


1994 - Mary Dodds died suddenly before being commissioned.


1997 - Scott Douglas was hired as staff associate for children & youth ministry replacing Cindy Dean Morrison.


1998 - The Living Links Project ended.


2000 - Major renovations were completed including a new roof.

90th Anniversary celebrated with guest speaker, The Right Rev. Dr. Walter Farquharson.               


2001 – New by-laws were introduced adopting the council system.


2002 - Rev. M. McKechney and Scott Douglas completed their ministries.

Rev. Andrew Appledore intern ordained minister until accepted into United Church of Canada.


2003 - Rev. Marjorie Keyser was called to serve with Rev. Appledore in team ministry.


2004 - An organzational structure was introduced using the board system.


2006 – Small Group Ministry introduced. Bargain Basement Store opened.


2007 - St. Paul’s moved to two services on Sunday morning and a late afternoon service  the first Saturday of the month for a very short time . Audiovisual Technology was introduced in worship. Community Soup Lunch Program introduced.

2009 -  Rev. Appledore completed his ministry.

Core Values, Vision Mission and beliefs identified.


2010 – 100th Anniversary celebrated.  Moderator Mardi Tindal visited.  Stream-lined model of Policy Governance introduced.


2011 – Strategic Planning introduced for team planning.


2012 – Mark Zielke hired as Music &Worship Arts Director.

            Immigrant Initiative Program introduced.

2014 – Monthly “Bacon, Faith and Friends” Breakfast introduced. Pangenerational events replaced church school.


2016 – St. Paul’s and Grosvenor Park United Church sponsored a Syrian refugee family. 

  • Rev. Marjorie Keyser retired.

2017 – Rev. Deb Walker was called  and served to St. Paul’s United Church unite May, 2020

2020 - Rev. Mitchell Anderson was called to St. Paul's United Church.