Affirmations of the United Church in Regard to Marriage

  • We affirm that marriage is a gift of God through which Christians make a covenant with another and with God. In marriage, we offer one another the promise of lifelong companionship and commitment, rich expression of human affections and sexuality, and, if there are children to provide for, their love, nurture, and care.  
  • We affirm that this unity is a creation of God and is greater than the two individuals. A marriage needs to be nurtured and cherished.

Expectation: Those seeking the celebration of Marriage Covenants at St. Paul’s United Church are those of whom at least one is already associated with our community of faith, or has family involvement, and who are interested in making St. Paul’s the base of their faith journey in their life together. We also require that couples participate in a marriage preparion workshop. 

Ceremony: In United Church celebrations of marriage, there are several elements that characterize the service of worship: God is praised as the source of love and the initiator of covenant. Gospel values (love, justice, compassion) made known to us in Jesus, are expressed. Scripture is read and proclaimed in some form. Witnesses in the legal sense are acknowledged, as well as the presence and support of family, guests, and congregation. Promises are made between the couple and before God. An appointment with the Lead Minister is required. To confirm a booking, call 306.955.3766. 

License: A valid wedding license must be obtained from a Marriage License Issuer. The marriage license is effective the day after the date of purchase and is valid for 3 months or 90 days. The License Issuer requires the following documentation: original copies of Birth Certificates; in the case of divorce, original or certified copy of the “Decree Absolute” of divorce; the original certified copy of the “Certificate of Divorce”; in the case of death, the original “Death Certificate”. Upon purchase, please deliver license to St. Paul’s. 

Official Certificate: Certificate of Marriage must be ordered by the couple from the Department of vital statistics:

Music: A musician is available to play for weddings and can be contacted to discuss music selections. Fees to accompany a soloist are by private arrangement. 

Fees: The fees for weddings is $615.00 ($150.00 deposit upon booking) which includes minister, musician, caretaker and use of the church. Extra Tech fee $75 if needed. It does not include candles or purchase of special music. Fees should be mailed to or dropped off at St. Paul’s United Church one month prior to your wedding. Weddings away from church for the Minister $250.00.