Keep following with us. All the excited events will be post here. 

  • The Meditation Garden

    Spiritual Growth requires time - time to be with God and time to be with others. This morning offers just that, with the steady guiding hand of the Spiritual Small Group Team. This year, families are encouraged to attend, or kids on their own, of bring a friend. May 25, put it in the calendar. The Meditation Garden at the Forestry Farm is in memory of Evelyn Smith's husband Robin. It is a beautiful place. Please join us. RVSP the office 3069553766 by May 24, 2019.

  • Camping Sunday

    A camping Sunday will be hosted on May 26 at SPUC.  Remember to put aside your Canadian Tire Moneyfor Camp Christopher. Stay tuned for more info.

  • Mission Matters 2019

    This is a 5 week program that highlights not only the mission budget priorities of SPUC, but the entire future of our relationships with community and neighbours. Please take the time to consider the mission work that means the most to you.

  • “Choose a Number!” project

    “Choose a Number!” We have envelopes available for the next three Sundays, marked with the numbers 1 thru to 150. Choose your favourite number and fill it with that same dollar amount. Make sure your name is on the envelope if your are not using a cheque. This is an exciting and simple way for us to head into the summer months, knowing we have given our very best to fund the mission of the SPUC. I also want to know why that number is meaningful to you.  I chose #70 and #99. Lot 70 is the address of our family cottage on Georgian bay, and the name of our family group chat. Number 99 is of course my high school crush!!  On behalf of Bob Schmidt, Treasurer and myself, thanks for playing! Rev Deb.

  • FASD Prevention Free Webinar

    FASD Prevention Free Webinar - Thursday May 23 @1:30-3:00 p.m. (CST).This webinar will be delivered through a partnership between the University of Regina (Dr. Michelle Stewart) and the FASD Network of Saskatchewan (Andrea Kotlar-Livingston and Tanya Beauchamp).PRE-REGISTRATION IS NOT REQUIRED. Check the webinar out:

  • Free Community Soup lunch program

    Community Soup Lunch, Wednesdays @noon. Everyone is welcome. Big thanks to Aline Lamoureux family for preparing such good soup every Wednesday.

    Last Soup Lunch until fall is May 29, 2019

  • Little Free Library

    The Little Free Library is here! Check it out. If you have a few books to share, please bring them to the office. Thanks for your support!