who we are

We are a multi-generational, multi-ethnic, all-embracing community located in the Saskatoon suburb of Sutherland. The following values and beliefs express who we are and why we exist


  • A song in the heart to be shared with strangers. "We are the hands of Christ" 

Core Values

Positive choices we seek to make in our daily living

  • Practice radical hospitality
  • Worship joyfully
  • Grow spiritually
  • Communicate openly
  • Serve with enthusiasm
  • Show compassion to all
  • Seek justice

Bedrock Beliefs

What we turn to for strength in times of confusion or stress

  • God is our strength
  • Faith in God gives hope
  • God’s love never quits
  • Jesus Christ is our teacher and role model

Our prayer is that we will continue to embrace what it means to be “the hands of Christ reaching out to those in need.”